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Earning audience loyalty through extraordinary experiences is a must for influencers today. Influencers that impact the future are those that can champion creative content, strategically share it with an engaged audience, and effectively build reputation and relationships.

To be an influencer that not only predicts the future but also dominates it, one must have the perfect balance of vision, creativity, and strategy. APPICS converges all three and is the ultimate influencer hub.

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The APPICS category directors are experienced influencers in social media and entertainment that have built a positive reputation and engaged following on other social media platforms. By curating content and sharing wisdom within their specialized category, the APPICS category directors act as moderators and are able to boost valuable and meaningful content. Does your social presence reflect your passion and more importantly, give back to those that need it most? Receive opportunities to collaborate on meaningful campaigns with purpose-driven foundations, charities and brands.

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We proudly work at the intersection of social media and blockchain to make the world more open and connected. Our open culture and diverse teams of creatives, along with our emphasis on innovation and collaboration, deliver a unique chance to grow as an influencer and changemaker while directly contributing new ideas and technologies that impact experiences of billions of people around the world.
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